What Size Canvas Does Bob Ross Use

What Size Canvas Does Bob Ross Use

Bob Ross is a famous painter who manages to spread his passion for painting to many artists. And many artists wish to paint the same as him.

The first step is to know what size of canvas does Bob Ross uses?

I will go straight to the answer.

Standard 18 “by 24 “stretched and double primed canvas

 In this video, on 00:01:05 you can hear what size canvas does Bob Ross uses on his tutorials.

Stretched canvas

Stretched canvas is a type of stretched material with a woven pattern used as a surface for two-dimensional artwork. It is usually used for paintings and other kinds of art. You can use stretched canvas to create any painting, including portraits, landscapes, still life, abstracts, and more.

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And when the painting is finished, it is ready for display; you can immediately mount it on the wall!

Bob Ross canvas also choose double primed canvas, so what that mean?

It means that you can paint on canvas without priming it before use, but it’s recommended to re-gesso all new canvases. Even those that are double primed!

The reason is that you don’t know-how is made your canvas. Most manufacturers use different types of primers/gesso. Because of that, you can’t be sure what is your base of the canvas.

If your surface is not adequately prepared, it can significantly impact how your oils will interact with the canvas’s bad primed surface.

So put a couple of layers of gesso, and you are ready to roll.

I know that Bob Ross didn’t re-gesso his canvases. Mostly he put white paint to make the canvas wet and smooth for better control. That is probably because his canvases were primed and made especially for him.