Zendoodle – Way of Living Without Of Stress

Zendoodle is closely related to Zentangle®, but it’s actually not the same. With a zendoodle, you have more freedom, and you are not strict to strings and tangles. Zentangle® have certain rules which you must follow, with a purpose to lead you to a relaxed state of mind. And it is registered brand, for more info you can check official page Zentangle.com

With Zendoodle you can follow your thoughts without the rules, simply the following inspiration and enter a zen state of mind. The purpose of both styles of drawing is the same, to relax you. To reduce stress, boost your inspiration and creativity.

Benefits of Zendoodle

It is an intuitive way of creating art, and as a bonus, you get many benefits. Most of the people use zen doodling for stress reducing, and by scientific research, it is very effective way of reducing stress. But there’s a lot more you will get.

[alert-success]Creativity Boost – you will enhance your creativity with regular zendoodling, and that will lead you to places where only you can imagine. Also once your creativity develops to a higher level, your problem-solving skill will be improved.[/alert-success]

[alert-success]Self-confidence – accepting mistakes which you create during zendooling will build your self-confidence, and it is important that you never use an eraser. Because there is no need for one, there are no mistakes in what you will draw.[/alert-success]

[alert-success]Mindfulness often related to meditation is a way of the higher state of mind, a place where you enter into the flow. Where everything has sense and time pass relatively fast, but you are not aware of that. And that is the main purpose of zendoodle, to relax from the real world. The World where is everything related to time, and all the time we chase that time. It is strange how we never have time for ourselves,  but when we enter mindfulness, then time doesn’t matter anymore.[/alert-success]

Who Can Benefit from Zendoodle


From the children’s to the adults, people that suffer different psychical conditions. Like PTSD from wars or natural disasters, or any different life traumas.

Also, it is good for business people to add balance between work and life. Anxiety in the modern world is very often, and to beat that state of mind zendoodle drawing is one of a better way to resist fear.

It is for artists that wish develop their creativity and self-confidence, it is for all that needs some peaceful time for themselves.

You can make zendoodle to push people to become more community active like life care homes, or in schools.


Zendoodle artists

To find inspiration and get motivation it is excellent to follow other artists and to study what they do. Just from looking at an artwork and considering how was stroke made you are developing your drawing skill.

I’m sure that doodle artists listed here will be for some of you big inspiration. For most of them you probably never heard, but their art skills are reasons why they are listed here.


Andreas Preis 

He is first on my list of zendoodle artists because he simply creates the most fantastic zendoodle illustrations. Mostly his inspiration comes from wildlife, so you will often see in his galleries wolfs, eagles, monkeys. But that doesn’t mean he is an only wild animal artist; he draws very often peoples.

Andreas has not bad art life, his artworks you can find around the world. He builds very nice unique things with his illustrations; you can check his website for more info.

[youtube id=”7WHrRbnblYU” width=”720″ height=”480″ position=”center”]


Lei Melendres

Lei is one of that artist that has a unique style of drawing, and that makes him a great inspiration for all zendoodle artists.  He is a founder of  Doodle Arts Magazine, and also leader od Doodle Art Enthusiasts (DAE). As you may see, he is a very busy person, but still, he finds the time to create impressive artworks. Some of his drawing you can see bellow.



Zendoodle tools

You can go with standard graphite pencils to start zendoodle, but most artists use mechanical pencils or black and colored markers with different thickness. The reason behind that is a constant line through all drawing, to keep order in the drawing. If you use graphite pencils, you will spend a lot of time on sharpening, and you can easily lose the flow that you have during relaxing with zendoodle.

Using black markers are the most popular way of drawing zendoodle, and using different thickness of markers gives some serious depth to your doodles.

Thickness variety is from 0.2 to 0.9, and the good thing is that they are not expensive, and you can get them in any art store or online.

Among artists, there are markers which are more accepted from the others, mostly because they gained popularity by artists who promote them on social networks. But if you don’t have them, don’t be discouraged.

There are also brands which can stand by all of them, and even beat them with quality. But when you start as a beginner, don’t bother too much about brands. Pick your standard set with desired thickens, and start drawing. It is all about taking action, breaking your head with pens which just delay your drawing and progress that you can achieve. So take action! Which pens or art supplies to use you will figure that as you go, to your personal preferences.

Another way of doing it a zendoodle drawing is with a digital drawing pad, which is also very popular among artist. Digital art today is taking every day more and more space in the art world, and it’s becoming the standard for many styles of art. Even in doodling.

Benefits of drawing with drawing tablet are that you are more free with testing, you can try almost anything ( sure you can do everything with pen and a paper, but this way is faster and also better for our planet). You can use brushes for drawing, or painting. Mixed everything together, and it is in digital format which you can easily share on art communities like Devinatart.com .

I hope you got some inspiration, and you will start doodling. Happy doodling friend! 🙂