Upside-Down Mural by the Water Creates Amazing Effect

What does mean when people say you must think out of the box, be creative and unique? Well, many artists do achieve that state of mind, and results are many times astonish!
One of that artist is Ray Bartkus from Lithuania, artist that lives outside of a box. His creative artworks are the ones that have “Wow” factor.
Because of his great talent, he illustrated for many famous publications. Among them were New York Times Book Review, Harper Magazine, Time Magazine and many more. He also displayed his artworks in many galleries around the world, and that is not surprising when you look at his art.

One of his best art creation is a mural on the house by the water, but this mural is something special. It collaborates with the water and creates an amazing visual effect.
Ray has used the reflection of the water to create the unique visual effect, very simple but strong.
He painted on the house upside jumper, flowers, swimmer, boats, submarine and few other subjects. And when we look from our point of view they appear on the surface of the water.
When you see something like this simple but never before then you probably ask yourself how the heck I didn’t remember of this?
A lot of things are in front of our eyes; we only must know to see it!

mural painting ray bartkus mural 3 ray bartkus mural 4 ray bartkus mural

If you wish to check more of Rays artworks, you can do it by visiting his website. Or you can connect with him on his social accounts.

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