Unusual Creative Artists

How to find creative artists that are unique and refreshing? I think that those kind of artist we don’t need to look for, they are like water. Slowly entering into  every part of the world, it is natural flow. Like river to the sea. On this post you will see some remarkable artists, and the thing is that I have never search for them, they came to me. Every art lover out there will know, yes you will know what I’m talking about.

Red Hongyi

Art itself doesn’t have limits, and to make art sometimes that can be made on everything with anything. You can do it on beach sand or with newspaper, or even you can use basketball as a paint brush. And Red Hongyi is one of those artist that doesn’t know for limits when it comes to art creations. She know to use basketball as brush, she even use food to create masterpieces. She is truly inspiration, with so many fresh ideas. [youtube id=”naQPxXNyRWc” width=”853″ height=”480″ position=”centar”]

Przemek Krawczyński

For Przemek Krawczyński gourds are canvases, and with cooperation with light he creates his artworks. Przemek is Polish dude with passion for engraving gourds, and all of his works a extra precise. And when he put light inside of his gourds then you get unique light painting, dazzling artwork all over you and on you.


Robin Wight

There is one man by name Robin Wight, and people believe that he is connect with fairies. Reason for that are sculptures of fairies that are crated from wires, but yet they are glowing with positive energy. It is impossible to transfer such a emotion on those fairy sculptures without knowing them, so I like to belive that he knows them more then rest of us. Truly remarkable artist, unique!

Image credit: Robin Wight Image credit: Robin Wight