Tokyo Colored Pencil Artist Artworks

Colored Pencil Art


Tokyo artist Ryota Hayashi creating amazingly realistic colored pencils drawings of peaceful hidden suburbs of Tokyo landscapes, with details so high that they look like photography.

Ryota Hayashi is known as one greatest  artists and also a great teacher, and all of his fulfilled art classes are proof of that. Ryota Hamachi is loyal to Mitsubishi colored pencils, and he is probably one the best commercial for this brand of colored pencils.

Interesting thing is that Ryota has exhibited in many museums around the world. And his colored pencils drawings have a big impact on everyone who has the chance to see his artworks, but in the United States and Europe he is not exposed to much. 

So we wish to give a little shootout for him and share his artworks with all of you.  And we hope you will share his artworks too, we believe that he deserves that.

You can find Ryota Hamachi also on the Facebook page, which is updated very often. And also he is on Twitter, so you can connect also there with him.


Do you notice how realistic shadows are? And bushes, color of the sky. Dust on the road, everything is hyper realistic.

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I swear that those branches are swaying!

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Source: Hayashi Design

Images: Facebook: Ryota Hayashi