ProX Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener


ProX is big pencil sharpener made to dominate the sharpening scene, created with an accent on commercial use. With little bigger dimension and die-cast all-metal on housing, you will notice that this is professional sharpener for hard work.

Which pencils can it sharpen?

With confidence, we can say that most of the graphite and colored pencils on the market fits ProX sharpener.

You don’t have to worry about the size of your pencils; ProX is covering all of them. Six different diameters, you can use any brand of pencils. Also, it works well with various shapes of pencils, like triangles. Mostly have known that colored pencils have different diameters, so this is perfect for classrooms where the artist uses different names.

If you ask what kind of the sharpened tip you get, well we can say it is longer point tip. But not long and opened, which is good for graphite pencils and colored pencils. Especially for colored pencils, because to opened colored pencils tips will very likely snap.

Some of the users report that it is not recommended to sharpen soft colored pencils like Prismacolor because they will grind down very quickly. Advice is not to push too many pencils and stop grinding when alert led light is on. That will for sure make a big difference, even with your graphite pencils.

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[alert-success]With Big Pencil Sharpener Comes Powerful Motor[/alert-success]

A powerful motor, it can easily handle needs of classrooms and art classes. It is improved version of Model 41, which is known as one of the best commercial pencil sharpeners.

We said that engine is big and powerful, and with significant power frequently comes noise. But engineers of X-acto have managed to reduce noise to a minimum. Ideal for classrooms and office, so that others are not disturbed by noise.


[alert-success]Extra Large Shavings Receptacle[/alert-success]

A noticeable difference from Model 41 is in the size of shavings receptacle, which is on this model extra big. So that means more users to serve, and less traveling to waste basket.
A motor will give reliability even with massive high traffic sharpening. It is designed to work fast and quiet. And if you push it too much, then there is an auto reset/shut off.
For every commercial sharpener, this is must have the add-on, you never know what kind of user will land on the sharpener.


[alert-success]Safety add-on SafeStart[/alert-success]

Sooner or later shavings receptacle will be full, and you will have to remove it and empty to waste basket. That means that cutters are open full, and that is a direct danger to the possible user. Well, not with this ProX.

With SafeStart it is impossible to start the pencil sharpener, you have to place shavings receptacle back on to sharpener to operate again. And that is perfect add-on for classrooms with kids, we all know how kids are curious in touching everything with fingers.

When we are talking about safety, then we must mention anti-microbial additives, which are added to plastic parts. On places like schools and offices germs are easy to transfer, especially from tools like a pencil sharpener.

Where every few minutes users switch for sharpening, that is heavens for germs.
With microbial additives added to the plastic germs are blocked from this sharpener, and you get safe and germs clean sharpener. That is definitely few points up for ProX, none of the others Xacto sharpeners doesn’t have antigerm protection.


[alert-success]Dual Helical Blades[/alert-success]

Helical blades come with two years warranty, and they are sharp and precise. A place where the magic happens, with two helical blades you get dual precise cutting action. Also, blade life is extended to 33x by X-ACTO!

Because of this hardened helical blades and longevity they achieve, Xacto doesn’t make blades exchangeable. You can look to this as a bad move from Xacto, but remember you get two years of warranty on them. Then for sure they know that their hardened helical blades can last much more from 2 years.



X-acto is producing high-quality products, and with the big quality, they are giving a ten years warranty on Prox and two years on helical blades. That is just another proof of the reliability of X acto products. Among all X-acto pencil sharpeners, Prox is one of the bigger pencil sharpeners.

And it will create a big footprint on your desk. If you are low on space maybe you should consider of choosing smaller pencil sharpener, the X-acto SchoolPro is a great alternative if you are low on space.

With the fair price for such a great big pencil sharpener, it is the definitely good choice for an every high traffic sharpenings. ProX is professional pencil sharpener made to work under the pressure, an excellent choice for classrooms and art classes.