Why Not To Give Up On Your Drawing

drawingEverything new that we start to learn is a process of insecure stages of the mind, something that we must overcome. Your first bicycle ride was also probably very insecure, without a balance. And same is with art skills like drawing, and maybe you don’t know how to “ride” your pencils now, but the thing is that you will learn!

Why I’m so sure?

Because everyone can learn how to draw, but you must mix right ingredients.

The first you must combine persistence with time, and this is crucial. You can become excellent in the drawing, but with time.

And the biggest problem for all beginners is to remain persistent over time, and many of them give up in first three months. But three-month are not even a scratch, and there are so many things to learn about drawing. It is impossible to explore and learn everything in three months.

Very often young artists compare their art and skills to their friends, and that leads to frustration. If you are doing that, stop it right now!

Art is unique for every artist, subjective. There were Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo and many others known an artist. And they all had own style; they didn’t try to be better from other artists or the same.

If you look to artists on Instagram you can notice that all of them start almost from the same point, a good example is drawing an eye. Similarity among beginners skills are amazingly the same, but with practice, they divide into other styles. As you can see in the gallery below, they all had the same level and technique.

So, you should find your style by using your skills, don’t try to draw like your friend. Do it your way, and sharpen those skills to perfection. If you are not comfortable with pencils, try others mediums like acrylic colors or sculpturing. Don’t use pencils because your friend uses them; this is all about you, not them.

Don’t question yourself should I give up from drawing? I don’t have a talent, should I give up?  Just look to the drawings below, secret in those improvements are only in a lot of practice and study.

Try to practice daily, bring a sketchbook everywhere. You must become addicted to drawing. You must realize that drawing is part of you, in beginning, you will struggle with yourself. But with time a pencil will become a part of you, like a wedding ring.

Create a challenge against you, start 365-day challenge. Draw every day one drawing, share it on your social networks. Try to get constructive critiques, and learn to accept them.

The great thing is that your drawings skills will improve massively with time, your right (creative) side of a brain will become more active. You will improve your self-confidence, creativity, coordination. You will improve observation skill, which is one of most developed among artist.

Also, don’t stay only in comfort zone, doing what you already know. Try different techniques of drawing, get some drawing books and read it. You must push yourself if you wish to improve your drawing skills, staying in the comfort zone will make you good only in that one thing you already know.

Jump among different styles, try to draw manga or hyper-realistic portraits. Or try oil colors which will give you more control than acrylic colors, test yourself.

The thing is that you must study a new way of creating art, new styles, and techniques. And to sharpen those skills like we said you should invest the significant part-time of your life into it, but if you love art, you will not even notice how time is passing.

And all those pieces of analyzing and testing will make you an artist, maybe not in three months or six months. But for sure your time will come, and you will then realize that you know a lot, but with a drawing, you never stop learning.

Dive in, and don’t think about time and others. Just enjoy. Become a little toddler that smiles even on simple line, use joy from childhood to be creative again.

Some artist that was on the same road like you are listed below; they are a big motivation for all beginner artists. I hope you will get your inspiration and motivation, and you will pick NOW your pencils and paper.

Start now, not tomorrow! Don’t give up, and when you wish to give up pick those pencils and push it!


Angie Blakewood is very known among drawing community, and she often posts images of her drawing improvements. Because she knows that this all beginners needs, to continue drawing. Amazing improvement in four years, right? You can do it too!

Carolin Stratmann is pet and wildlife artist, and today she is doing a lot of commission. And she needed only four years to get to this level, and by the way she is self-taught.

Jeffrey Appiatu hyperrealism is so good that for an untrained eye is hard to recognize a drawing, and many people believe that they look to photography. All we can say to this that Jeffery is real motivation guy, I hope you will not give up and that one day we will look at your hyperrealism artworks like this one.

With hard work, you will come to results, and this is the only way. There are no shortcuts with drawing; you must go slow. This is not a race, it is a slow ride with a steam train. Enjoy your view, and learn as much as you can.