Best Old School Manual Sharpener X-Acto Ranger 1031

Do we need a manual sharpener today, when we all have modern solutions? For many people electric pencil sharpeners are the first choice, but when things go wrong like a power outage?

What then?

Or you go outside to park with your sketchbook? Then you must change the tactic, you must return to the old school of sharpening pencils. And that is only with manual mechanical hand crank sharpy or knife. The one that doesn’t need electricity.

Can X-Acto Ranger 1031 be a good solution? Maybe for the park is not the best solution, but for your desk for sure it is!

This is a type of sharpener that will never let you down.

WHY do you need Ranger 1031?

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You get the option to use it anytime not depending on electricity. Also, it can sharpen many diameters and types of graphite and colored pencils. You pick it!

The robust metal builds that are on the level of traditional sharpeners will give you many years of sharp pencils. It can be used by creative kids at home to busy classrooms, offices.
The handle is easily turned, and even kids of age three years will not have a problem to turn it. Be aware of safety measures for little toddlers, they can put fingers inside and hurt themselves.

What is so special about X-Acto Ranger over others on the market?

Maybe the confidence of X-acto company they have in the products they build, and because of that, you will get 10 years warranty! On the other side if you look at competitor Bostitch’s manual pencil sharpener you get 7 years. That is not bad but ten years is better than seven years.

Things to consider about Ranger 1031


You must be aware there is two way of mounting on a desk or wall, so pick yours for the best experience.

Many users ask before buying if is it possible to use a sharpener without mounting, yes it is possible but you will struggle to get a sharp lead tip. Because it will slip away when you try to sharpen your pencils. X-acto doesn’t recommend it to use it without a fixed amount.

It is recommended to use two possible option
  • Screw mounting – it is the best way but it is destructible for the mounting surface, you will need to drill holes. But it will be fixed sturdy and it will be secure from falling.
  • Vacuum mounting – It is fast and easy mounting, but the surface must be smooth. It is not the best mounting because it will move after a few sharpening. So if you can go for the screws.

What diameter and shape of a pencil can handle this little sharpie?

It has eight holes for different diameters of a pencil. The largest diameter that can be sharpened is 11.75 mm.

Some oversized kid’s pencils or jumbo big pencils can easily be sharpened with Ranger. So don’t worry about your fat pencils because Ranger is friendly to all diameters even triangle-shaped pencils are no problem for this manual pencil sharpener.


After some use, you will have to clean your shavings from a sharpener, and that is done easily by the twist of the hand. But be aware not to mount sharpener wrong side, because they will fall down on the floor. And that will be a big mess.


Blades of sharpener are the ones that need the most attention, you should always clean them. Especially if you sharpen vax heavy colored pencils like Prisma Colors.
Vax will stick to the blades and you will be frustrated! To clean them use a standard graphite pencil and sharpen it four to six-time, this way graphite will remove all the wax from the blades. And if your blades need replacement you can replace them with a new one without a problem.