Learn to draw online and improve your skills in no time!

Learn to draw websitesFirst thing first, you must understand that learning online to draw is a good way to get some art skills. But the best way is to attend art classes in your local place, because some things you can’t find online. Things like life model that is posing on a chair, and your teacher sees mistakes that you are not even aware that they are there. So I truly recommend if you have a chance to choose art classes in your town, go for it! And if you don’t have that luck, well then this list of websites will certainly help you.

True, this way of learning is slower, but with art nothing is impossible. With persistence you can achieve a very high level, and many artists have proven that many times. You should check interview with Anna Tuza that I have made, she is self-taught artist. And skills that she today have is all because of persistence, and love to art.



A place for every beginner in drawing, with great lesson approach. Easy to follow and to learn, and the best thing is that most of lessons are free. You will have access to 8 chapters which are divided into more detailed subcategories. All you have to is to register to get full access, and start your lessons!


If you are more digital artist, and you wish to learn more about hardwares and softwares for your digital drawings and paintings, then the first step you should make on ctrlpaint. With amazingly big video library with tutorials and also available downloads, you will for sure find interesting materials to study and to learn.


When you start to learn a math you start with the basics, because you simply can’t jump into equations. It is same with art, you must do some things first to understand things that will come later. History of art is a very important part, and if you wish to learn basic of art history then you should use khanacademy.org


You will maybe lough,but the truth is that only by watching you can learn a lot about art techniques. And Google Art Project is known as online museum and its have many famous artists in the library that is worth to study, and you can filter out the style you prefer. You can choose artist or medium they use, or you can even create your own galleries to keep your favorite artist and artworks in one place. All images of paintings are high quality, and you can zoom for the smallest details.


If you are more pencil artist then this website is certainly a jackpot, with the Darel Tank owner of this website you can learn amazing things. He has great video tutorials, and great community of art beginners and advanced artist, which are helping each other a lot! You can get there a truly honest critique of your artworks, and that is very useful for all levels of artists.