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For every beginner artist best thing is to have a mentor, but most of beginners are lost because it hard to find good local art classes and mostly when you find one they are super expensive. But in today modern age we have web almighty, and many talented artist are sharing their knowledge with beginners artist worldwide. And if they charge something then that is mostly just for covering of expenses for hosting and domains and some materials like colors and canvases.

One of those artist is talented young lady Lisa Clough known on the web as Lachri Fine Art, young artist which started Vlog on YouTube back in 2011. And guess what was reason for starting Vlog?

Most of my time is now spent making YouTube videos to encourage and teach other artists. – Lacrhi Fine Art

Isn’t that perfect reason to consider following her?!

[youtube id=”c9voUxQWfWE” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]

If you starting with Acrylics paint, Oil paint, Airbrushing, Graphite, Charcoal, and Colored Pencil then she is must have artist in your subscription list, because she covers all! You will have opportunity to watch and learn how to use each medium, she will give you advice’s what you will need for start and also honest critique on you artworks. If you starting with colored pencils she will give you advices which colored pencils are best, if you are airbrush artist you will learn how to use airbrush any many other useful tricks. Many step by step Lachri art video instructions will be your best guide to learn and improve your skills, you just to follow her and practice. She also have bunch of reviews of many art supplies she uses, and recommendations which suppliers are good.

And best things with Lacrhi is her energy, she actually is big motivator and inspirational person. If you watch her you will probably end up in front of paper with colored pencils, or in front of canvas messing with acrylics colors. Because she just showed you how to do glazing with acrylics, and you will have to try it!

Interesting part about Lachri is that she doesn’t stick to one style, she loves to explore and to learn. She will not hesitate to take airbrush and some stencils to make background on canvases, and in front end she will use colored pencils and draw realistic tiger portrait! I believe that reason for that is because she is self though artist, and she is not afraid to experiment new things.

And all that knowledge that she gather she will share with you, or let’s say she will give you shortcuts to success. Today Lachri have 3oo+ videos on her YouTube channel and all of her videos are educational. If you follow her you can learn a lot, and maybe you will find your unique style. So I truly recommend Lachri Fine Art as your online mentor, you can’t lose nothing but receive a lot!

You can find and follow Lachri Fine Art on many social networks so go and learn it is free!

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