Great Kohinoor Woodless Colored Pencils

KohINoor Woodless Colored Pencils for What You Will Use Them

Kohinoor woodless colored pencils you can find among beginners and intermediate art folks. On the first touch, you maybe will not be sure what you have in hand, but real power and beauty you will see on the paper.
Progreso colored pencils come without wooden support. The pencil is all lead, there is no wood for support. And because of that big lead, you get terrific colored pencils for covering large areas.

You can use them for details as well, but mostly they will be used in larger areas. Progresso pencils are also very often used for coloring books, vibrant colors and the possibility to blend them easily makes them great for coloring books.

Another great thing to me is that they are eco-friendly. For those pencils, they didn’t cut not even one branch of the tree. They don’t have a wood barrel for supporting the lead. So you a getting pencil that is all lead, you get lead in one pencil enough to get five normal ones.

Be aware if you have a heavy hand maybe Kohinoor woodless colored pencils are not the best choice for you.

Koh-I-Noor Woodless pencils have a range of 24 colors, and that is a little disappointing for colored pencil set. For beginners, this is an excellent range, and they cover all primary colors.
Typically colored pencils sets have more than 24 colors, and when you are colored pencil artist, you always starve for more significant color ranges.
Artists mostly compensate color ranges with original pencils sets like Prismacolors which are also wax-based pencils. They will blend like one.

Woodless Pencil Set of 12 Pieces – Color Range

Kohinoor woodless colored pencils 12 piecesOrange, White, Dark Violet, Light Orange, Light Green, Sap Green, Black, Brown, Light Light Blue, Vermilion, Paris Blue, Light Yellow.

Woodless Pencil Set of 24 Pieces – Color Range

Kohinoor woodless colored pencils 24 piecesLight Yellow, Orange, White, Sap Green, Hookers Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Violet, Light Vermilion, Carmine, Brown, Black, Dark Yellow, Pink, Scarlet Lake, Light Violet, Sky Blue, Paris Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Natural Sepia, Light Gray.

Lightfastness Ratings of Kohinor Woodless Colored Pencils

In the pack of 24 pieces, you will get different lightfastness ratings, you will know the grade of the lightfastness by a number of stars on the pencil. Four stars are maximum rating on Kohinoor woodless colored pencils, and the lowest is one star.

What does that mean to an artist? If you expose your drawing over time to sunlight the colors with weak lightfastness will become dull sooner. Drawing will lose vivid pigment, and that is not what we want on colored pencils artworks.

Twelve pencils in 24 pieces sets have a rating of four stars for lightfastness, nine have three stars, two have two stars and two have one star. The overall majority of pencils have pretty decent lightfastness ratings, and I see that as a good deal.

What artists are saying

A teacher of art class has a very positive opinion about woodless pencils. She says that Koh-I-Noor woodless colored pencils are the best pencils of this type. They are so good that she even uses them for her drawings; she loves vibrant colors. But dislike that they are fragile if they fall from the table they will probably snap.

Denis is also the owner of Progresso pencils gives us more direct information.
• You will easily sharpen them, he uses a handheld sharpener.
• Applying on the paper is easy, you will not need too much force during drawing.
• Blending is good, but on this field, Prismacolor colored pencils are better
• Erasing is also is excellent, they erase very easily.
• Packing is awful, they should improve and create a proper box for these fragile pencils.

Kohinoor Progresso Woodless Colored Pencils FAQ

Can you sharpen Kohinoor Woodless pencils?

Yes, you can. Electric pencil sharpeners with woodless types of pencils waste too much of lead. All other pencil sharpeners will work perfectly fine with them.
If you ask people who use woodless pencils, they say learn to sharpen them while you draw with them. Because of woodless design, you can sharpen them when you use them for significant areas on your artworks, and for smaller specific parts using sharp tip again.

What base use Kohinoor Woodless Colored Pencils

They are a wax-based pencil.

Are they easy to blend?

Kohinoor Progresso woodless colored pencils are wax-based. The softness of pencils allows being to blend nicely. Many artists doubt in them, the truth is they act as regular colored pencils.

Do pencils have any protection like wrapping to avoid direct contact with the lead color?

Every pencil has a lacquer coating to protects you from getting messy, this coating makes them very smooth. The coating also gives extra stability to pencils.

Are they toxic for skin?

They are not toxic if you get color on your skin wash them with water and soap.

Eye irritation

There is possible mild irritation ( we can compare it to dust irritation), irrigate with water.


There are no known toxic effects if this happens to drink plenty of water.


Color chart of Kohinoor Woodless Colored Pencils

kohinor woodles colored pencils chart