How To Use Kneaded Eraser

How To Use Kneaded Eraser for best results?

how to use a kneaded eraser

A kneaded eraser is a tool that every artist should have, an eraser that is very different from your traditional eraser. Used by graphite artist and charcoal artists. 

If you are first time user you will notice that it is pliable just like putty, and this is actually very handy.

Because you can use the kneaded eraser for a large area or for detailed work. Simply mold your shape for the desired area and voila. You have a precise art tool for erasing.

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Kneaded erasers are absorbing and collecting up the graphite very easily and efficiently. But they are not used the same way, technique of “scrubbing” you can forget with this eraser. It is possible but with light moves on the drawing.

Many artists who are just starting with kneaded eraser also know as gummy eraser are frustrated because they are too soft, you can do two things.

  1. Wait until the eraser picks up some graphite or charcoal, that will happen with time. And you kneaded every time those substances into it, and then kneaded eraser becomes more rigid.
  2.  Shape your eraser to your needs and put in a cold place like a fridge, that way you get the perfect tool.
  3.  Don’t hold them too long in your hand, it becomes softer even more. Use it and place it on the side.


Can a kneaded eraser dry out?

No, there is no moisture inside of it. If you have a feeling that is dried you just kneaded it until becomes soft again.

Do kneaded erasers last forever?

The cool thing is that kneaded eraser can last for years with good care, you will probably lose it somewhere before you destroy it. It is a handy artist tool.

Why is better or worst from vinyl erasers?

With vinyl erasers, you have piles of eraser residue, and that can get on the way during drawing. Smudging your drawing, and sometimes it is hard to recover drawing.
Kneaded eraser doesn’t leave any residue, and that makes your workspace nice and tidy. It is no so expandable as a vinyl eraser, it will last for years if you keep them safe.

How To Use Kneaded Eraser when you need to clean it?

You don’t clean it, you just knead your eraser after use and you are ready to go again. Once you are done with work keep it in a plastic box, just to protect it from dirtiness.
Don’t use an eraser if you have wet hands or some kinds of oils, hand creams on your hands. It will ruin your eraser, and it will not be usable anymore. If you do that by mistake you can throw away that eraser, you can’t recover it.

If you use this eraser it will be leaving spots and a lot of frustration. Also, don’t use them around the food, they can pick easily everything.

What is a kneaded eraser used for art?

  • Details – It is used for details correcting, and the reason for this is because they are shapable. You can transform your eraser into a tear and work with a tip on your drawing. For example around the eyes. Or flat for line highlights, it is on you and your needs.
  • Highlighting – Every drawing that we create needs highlighting to punch those details and contrast out, and a kneaded eraser is great with that. Highlighting is a process that comes when we are far away with our drawings. So it is important to have clean paper, with a vinyl eraser that is not possible.
  • Molding sculptures – yes this sounds funny but it is real, many people use kneaded eraser as clay. Check our Pinterest board with some sculptures.

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