Learn How To Draw A Cute And Kawaii Chibi Character!

When I was exploring how to draw a chibi, I have stumble on many great tutorials online. So I decided to put all my findings on one place and share with you, and I hope that this post will help you with your journey in learning how to draw chibi characters.

Before you start to learn how to draw a chibi I have one advice for you dear friends. Have patience, take your time. Many of artist that you will see listed here have skills which didn’t came overnight, they had many failures but that made them better with time. I said with time, so keep that in your mind!

Drawing is a skill which can be learned, same like driving a bicycle. Once you learn it you will have that with you forever, and if you practice a lot you can become one of the best.

But before we jump into all those sources for learning to draw, I must explain for those who maybe don’t know what or who are chibies. 

Chibi is style of drawing humans or animals characters in miniature sizes, little cute creatures with big eyes. Characteristics of chibi drawings are big heads and small body’s, and that actually is giving very friendly and cute view of drawings.

Learn how to draw chibi with video tutorials

When I search for tutorials online my first option is always YouTube, because through videos I can learn much more than on let’s say a pdf file. On the video you catch some fast tips and tricks of artist, maybe the way he or she is making line strokes. Simple moves but yet very important, something which you can’t learn with pdf tutorial.

Learn How to draw chibi with mark CrilleyOne of the best chibi artist on YouTube is for sure Mark Crilley which is worldwide famous, with 2 millions subscribers he is probably must successful artist on YouTube. His tutorials are easy to follow and full of tricks and tips. He even published book related to manga and chibi drawing “Mastering Manga” and “Mastering Manga 2”, and he is covering all steps of drawing in books. But before you buy his books I recommend that you choose free sources for learning, and then when you feel that you didn’t get enough you choose book.

If you choose books for your learning journey then you will have perfect step by step tutorials, and explanations what you will need for start. You will find tutorials how to draw manga eyes and also how to draw chibi bodies and many more useful tutorials. Or you can check by yourself in book preview and decided if this if for you.




Let’s return to video tutorials, and see what YouTube can offer you more. And YouTube is luckily full of great artist that uploads videos on daily bases, and with tutorials how to draw chibi.

Drawing tutorial chibiOne of them is Canadian artist Mei Yu, with huge collection of chibi drawing tutorials. Actually she specialized her channel around chibi, and drawing famous people in chibi style. And most of her drawings are request by her fans, and her fans have a unique ides so you will have very big choice. The best part is that you can easily follow her step by step in your pace, and most of her drawings are very easy to draw.

She even have own website with popular playlists and some awesome freebies, and the best part you can download apps for Android and Apple with step by step tutorials how to draw chibi directly on your phones or tablets! Apps are free, and each app covers 100+ step by step tutorials with voice instructions! I truly recommend this for all beginners, because it can greatly improve your drawing skills.

And those two YouTube channels are best if you wish to know how to draw chibi, because they cover all parts of drawing. You can find on both channel tutorials how to draw a chibi eyes or body, with which style to approach and everything else that is important for learning and mastering of chibi.


Join social arts networks and learn how to draw chibi

Next source for drawing chibi are another social art networks, places where beginners can ask for advice or constructive critique of a artwork. And you will for sure get some advice from advanced artist, and every advice’s is valuable during learning process. So register to social art networks if you already didn’t and go explore.

First to mention is Deviantart, which is the biggest online art community! This is must register network, full of valuable materials. Place where you can get inspiration and motivation, place which will help you to keep going until you reach your masterpiece. And yes place full of chibi drawings, and full of unique tutorials created by users of network. And they share their tips and tricks with us for free, all you have to do is took that to action and start drawing!

Another great art network is Behance, it is similar to Deviantart and it is also big bonus for your art skills, community is big so you will have no problem to get advice’s in no time. You can have your own portfolio, and even if you are good in artworks you create then you can even sell them there. I didn’t that mention but on Deviantart you can also sell your artworks, and probably with time when you become better you will sell your artworks.


Learning to draw a chibi with mobile apps

Yes even that is possible, and I have that mention before when I was writing about Fun2Draw and Mei Yu, she has many applications which are friendly and easy to use. But she is not the only one, there is full bucket of useful application which can help you to start with drawing chibi characters! Let’s start with list of apps, they are all free of charge.

Drawing Lessons Chibi Anime

app how to draw chibi

Advantage of apps is that you can follow drawing step by step with your own pace, and also you can return to previous step if you needed. In this app you will have from 10 to 3o drawings steps, and also you can choose three levels of difficulty. App is free of charge, so give a try! Click on image to go to Google Play, Apple users click HERE


How to Draw Chibi

How to Draw Chibi app

This app is also great add to collection chibi drawing apps, but for this chibis you will need little more experience in drawing. But don’t be discouraged now, if you wish to try it just do it!



And this is it folks, actually is not. Because I will updating this post with new findings when I stumble on good ones, so if you wish to stay updated subscribe to my mailing list and I will send an email when new stuff will drop in!

Remember, time and patience is all you need to have!