Digital Art vs Traditional Art

The digital art vs traditional art debate will likely continue for many years to come. The world of digital art has grown exponentially, with more and more artists choosing to create entirely work digitally. The changes in this field are so significant that some people read the term “artist” as making digital art instead of traditional work.

A substantial distinction between digital art and classic art is its creation. Digital art is composed of shapes, colors, and textures often made on a computer screen and printed.
Traditional art may be composed of more than just shapes and colors, such as paints, pencils, and different kinds of paper.5

Differences between digital art and traditional art

The term “art” is an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of creative expressions, which can vary in appearance and format. Digital art is a form of art where artists create their work on a computer, typically through digital manipulation.

On the other hand, traditional art may include any medium that does not involve computers- paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. These two forms of art are fundamentally different in many ways.

How much money do you need?

It is cheaper to create digital art than traditional art. As computers and tablets become more widely available and affordable, digital art becomes a popular and accessible medium. Digital artists use programs such as Photoshop or Corel Painter to create their artwork.

Programs such as these allow for creativity that would not be possible with traditional media such as acrylics, canvases, and easels.

Why is traditional art so expensive?

The simple reason is that traditional art requires time and materials to create one piece. It is not uncommon for artists to spend days, weeks, or even months working on a single painting or sculpture.

The materials used in traditional art can also be expensive. Artists use canvases, paintbrushes, palettes, paint, and other supplies which cost money. These facts add up and make it hard for artists to earn a living from their artwork.

Is digital art really art?

As much as art is a form of expression and the chance to enhance your imagination from reality, digital art has surpassed traditional art.
It has allowed the possibility of producing supernormal artwork like animals made from clouds and mainly photo manipulation in what is commonly called photoshop. It is much easier and faster to work using digital methods since the software plays a significant role and is already designed for you.

There is not much effort in creating artwork when using this method, and many people sometimes refer to it as a lazy tool for lazy people.
But don’t be fooled, it is an art in the end!

The traditional art method attracts workload like cleaning the materials like brushes after use and charcoal or ink requires cleaning the workplace for a healthy environment. Therefore, traditional and digital art methods are different right from the approach. They used to create the artwork to the extent to which they could go for the sake of the creativity and imagination of the artist.

The two methods are great for artistic work, but the distinguishing features are a determining factor for the artist since choosing the methods that best suit their needs is the main.

What is considered traditional art?

Traditional art is defined as works by artists who have been established in the art world for an extended period. This type of art is created with traditional methods and techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and photography. Traditional art has been around for centuries and continues to be popular today.

What is considered digital art?

Digital art can be a broad term that includes a variety of different types of media. Digital art can be defined as computer-generated images, films, videos, or sound that is produced by a digital camera or film camera, respectively. 

Digital art is created by digital means and not traditional means such as brushstrokes on canvas or metal sheeting for sculptures. The advent of computers as an artistic medium had a profound impact on the world’s artists and society as a whole.

Why is digital painting more advantageous than traditional painting?

Digital painting is more advantageous than traditional painting because it offers users more freedom. Artists can create their art using a tablet or computer, drawing tools, and editing programs. This saves time, as the digital process is much faster than traditional methods of artwork creation.


  • It is easy to learn.
  • It is cheaper than traditional methods.
  • It can be done in a variety of ways.
  • It can be stored and shared easily.

What are the disadvantages of digital art?

Digital art has many disadvantages, the first being that it is not tangible. It is entirely computer generated and generally not created on paper or canvas. It is only viewable by the artist and whoever they decide to share with. Second, because it can be made anywhere, there are innumerable instances of plagiarism that go unnoticed by virtually everyone who views the artwork.

  • Digital art is less tangible than traditional art
  • Traditional art is more permanent than digital art
  • Older people prefer traditional artwork
  • Loss of skill in painting with physical materials
  • Lack of tactile experience
  • Digital art doesn’t have an original or physical form
  • Digital art is easier to duplicate
  • Digital art isn’t as rare

Should I learn traditional art before digital?

There is no clear answer to what comes first – traditional art or digital. It’s been seen that those who use digital-first are more confident in their skills and can adapt to new programs quickly. On the other hand, traditional artists tend to have different skills and a more balanced skillset. For those who want to go into either form of art, you need to know both.

Is digital art cheating?

No, digital art is not cheating. In the past few years, many has been a lot of debate about this topic. Some people feel digital art is “cheating” because they’re not being creative by hand. Digital art can be seen as cheating because it doesn’t have a physical form and requires less time to create than traditional art.

Why do some people hate digital art?

The use of Digital Art in the professional field may be seen as a threat to many artists. Many artists believe that their work is no longer valued and that the only true art is that which is created with traditional mediums such as pencil or watercolor, and not digital art.

Conclusion on Digital Art vs Traditional Art

In conclusion, digital art is just as valuable as traditional art. Creating Digital Art is time-consuming and complex, but the end product can be beautiful. With more people discovering their creative side on social media, digital art will only become more popular.

So whether you are a world-famous artist or just an aspiring hobbyist, you can also produce your digital artwork by investing in creative tools. Check out our free tutorial here to help you get started!

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