Digital Art vs Traditional Art

Digital art is the production of art that is created on a digital platform. This means that it uses graphics that are generated by computers and other artistic works based on electronics and software.

It is the advancement of the traditional art method. On the other hand, traditional art is any piece of artwork that is not digitally generated it was the first form of art to be used, from which digital art was born.

There are many differences when it comes to digital and traditional art. To begin with, traditional art is usually done manually by the use of paper, pencils, ink, paint, and many other items.

This means that traditional art has value since it can be sold due to its natural form. Digital art is done through the help of computers with software designed for that purpose.

Differences between digital art and traditional art

Digital art has the allowance to make mistakes and redo the artistic work without much effort since it has the erase option.

This makes work less messy because it makes work look neater since the tools used are not in their physical form.

Traditional art, on the other hand, costs the artist much whenever mistakes are done. This is because the work is physical and having to restart the work again is sometimes difficult.

Working with paints makes the workplace messy and smelly.

digital art vs traditional art tabletStorage of art made from the digital method is quite easy since it is stored within the computer and takes less space.

The same issue applies to the delivery of the work to the client. It is much easier since the delivery option is just but a matter of clicking a button and the work is delivered immediately.

As for traditional art, storage is much more difficult because the artistic work takes more space. The delivery is also a challenge in terms of the time of delivery and the means to deliver the work.

How much money do you need?

Using the traditional art method saves you money since it is cheap in terms of the equipment needed, but not in a long run.

You will need paper or canvas, pens or pencils, brushes, and many other art supplies.

Digital art requires the availability of a computer, tablet or any relevant electronic, electricity, and software for the artistic work which can be expensive.

Thus, for someone who wants to save the costs involved in artistic work, the traditional method is quite accommodating. And this is a one-time investment, which doesn’t require additional cost for art supplies.

For both cases, the need to have the skills required to produce artwork is very crucial.

As for the traditional art method, it requires patience, discipline, and the basic knowledge of art in general. Many are the times when artists who use the traditional method had to go to school or have someone with the knowledge pass it on to them through lengthy sessions in order to effectively master the art.

The digital art method is no different. The skills required to run the software and the basic knowledge of computer usage is necessary.

It is also evident that one who has no previous background in artistic work is not able to use the digital art method effectively.

Is digital art really art?

In as much as art is a form of expression and the chance to enhance your imagination from reality, digital art has surpassed traditional art.

It has allowed the possibility of producing supernormal artwork like animals made from clouds and mainly the use of photo manipulation in what is commonly called photoshop.

It is much easier and faster to work using digital methods since the software plays a major role and is already designed for you. There is no much effort in creating artwork when using this method and is sometimes referred to by many people as the lazy tool for lazy people.

But don’t be fooled, it is an art in the end! The traditional art method attracts workload like cleaning the materials like brushes after use and the use of charcoal or ink requires cleaning the workplace for a healthy environment.

Therefore, traditional and digital art methods are clearly different right from the approach. They use to create the artwork to the extent to which they can go for the sake of creativity and imagination of the artist.

The two methods are both great for artistic work but the distinguishing features are a determining factor for the artist since choosing the methods that best suit his or her needs is the main.

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