Best Coloring Pages For Adults

coloring pages for adults

If you are here, then you are probably one of the many that love coloring pages for adults, right? And that is nothing strange, today you can even buy coloring books for adults. But the main thing that every one of us is searching more and more coloring pages, something that gives us a challenge.

We are all past children pages stage, now is time to create something more creative. Pages that will need your personal artistic touch, and special coloring techniques of coloring and blending.

Some people say that coloring pages for adults aren’t an art, well they are wrong. Because if you must pick colors which must be in balance, also you must blend colors nicely then that is art. And the person behind that decision is an artist, a person that uses the creative side of the brain.

I have mentioned the brain, do you know that our creative side is the right side of the brain. And actually every time you color pages you switch to the right side, pushing aside the logical left side of the brain. And that is a part which is responsible for anti-stress, relaxation, and positive thinking.

And probably the reason why on many coloring books for adults you can read “stress relieving” or “activity that can push away your personal stress”. And that is all true, and many I will call them artists that use color pages can confirm this. When you pick your color pencil and sit by pattern, time is stopping in this world.

But in our world time pass by very quickly, so you can easily spend hours in front of the pattern. All those good things about good effects are scientifically proved, PubMed Central made a research with only adults in North America and Europe. And results were amazingly positive, something from everyone can benefit.  About research, you can read HERE

Art is not reserved for anyone, it’s for everybody.  And for someone who doesn’t know to draw or paint, coloring pages and books are the closest connection to art. And with this connection, everyone can receive a dose of stress-relieving therapy, relaxation, and positive vibes.

Coloring Pages For Adults Are Real Challenge Today

Today coloring pages for adults are becoming a big trend, and how the community grows also is becoming more interesting. And you can find many interesting patterns, patterns created by the amazing artist. Some of that artist is sharing their works for free their coloring pages with us, but some of them are charging a symbolic price to cover publishing and expenses.

And you can find many websites that share for free coloring pages for adults, but they miss one big thing. They rarely mention the artist, and I believe that this is something that every artist deserves. So we decided to make a huge list of artist and share with you. And we hope you will share artist name after using their coloring pages, I believe they will appreciate your gesture. The list of artists you will find at the bottom of this post, feel free to share with your friends.

Like I said before, coloring pages for adults are becoming more complex. And there are many different styles you can find to color, but the most popular among adults are mandalas. Probably because they are more complex, and you enter deeper in relaxation mode. Mandalas are known from ancient times, and the most influence has in Tantric Hindu and also in Tantric Buddhism. They are related to blessing, power, and well-being.

There are also a lot of patterns with animal motive, drawn by the same style as in mandalas. They are complex and fun color pages, something that can make you busy for some time. The best sources for mandalas coloring pages for adults is maybe direct from the artists, what I mean by that?

Artists That Published The Best Coloring Pages For Adults

Many artists publish coloring books for adults, and for the promotion of those books they give freebies. And when you have a list of the artist then you could probably get a decent amount of free coloring pages for adults. Then maybe if you will like some style from a particular artist, you could buy books to support artists. To search for an artist is maybe the best to use Instagram, Deviantart, and Behance. But out there are the artists that are jumpers, the ones that do the best. Some of them they are listed here, they are not all here because the post would be endless then.

Johanna Basford
coloring pages for adults

The best is Johanna Basford, and what you will notice about her coloring pages for adults is personality, the personality that she inputs in all of her coloring pages. With the variety and uniqueness of her artworks, you get every time new challenge, to every pattern you must approach differently!

Johanna is very popular among people that love coloring pages for adults, she is like Aerosmith among rock bands. She sold over one million copies of coloring books for adults, and she did that with four published books. Every coloring book has its own story, and all connect with her childhood.

And another great fact is that all are drawn by hand, and some imperfect lines actually give us perfection. She said that computer drawn illustrations are cold and without a soul, and because of that you can recognize her artworks very easily.

[vimeo id=”136753406″ width=”720″ height=”480″ position=”center”]

Angie Grace
coloring pages for adults

Angie is another great artist that is working with heart, and the final result is beautiful coloring pages for adults. Angie is more in mandalas, and she has published 46 books until today! All of them are very popular among colorists, and must-have. On her website, you can find samples from every coloring book for adults that she published. If you wish to download a sample page you can go HERE, and you can download 46 coloring pages for free. And if you like to check a preview of what is inside of coloring books, you can do that by clicking on images below that will take you to Amazon preview. Most of her coloring books for adults have 50 different patterns to color, and they are wrapped in paperback.

Millie Marotta
Coloring pages for adults - Millie Marotta

Millie has published last year’s first book Animal Kingdom: Color me, Draw me , and the book becomes great success. She says for herself that she has an obsession for flora and fauna, and the animals. And  in the book you can find fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and even some plants in surroundings of animals.  The good news is that Millie has announced new coloring book for adults, but we will have to wait to until February 2016. This book will also be full of animals, mostly animals from Africa. She said it will feature antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, swallows but also wildlife from other parts of the world. We are sure that will be amazing and challenging coloring pages for adults or older kids also.

Download Free Coloring Pages For Adults

This coloring book for adults it totally free, with 24 sample coloring pages for adults! You can get this in Kindle version or in pdf, true they are not very complicated coloring pages for adults. But they are perfect for warming up for a real thing, like Secret Garden. And you don’t lose anything, but you get some fun.

coloring pages for adults

I have mentioned Angie Grace above, and she has on her website a lot  of sample pages for download. All of them are mandalas, and very challenging. So grab them, they are totally free.


We plan to update this post with new links to free coloring pages for adults, so check us again for fresh freebies.