Bicycle Chains In Other Dimension

When you think about bicycle chain you wouldn’t think about art, but when you look at these sculptures you will realize something. You will realize that your bicycle have possible piece of art, something that can be amazing artwork.
Young-Deok Seo is a South Korean artist, and his passion are sculptures made from bicycle chains.
Unique approach to art, and thinking from outside of the box gives results that are nothing but ordinary. But yet all of his inspirations come from ordinary normal life, from metros, bus stations. And people and theirs emotion are becoming part of his artworks, emotions that are captured forever in this metal chain sculptures.
Young-Deok Seo have received many rewards for his modern artworks, and he exhibited in many galleries around the world. Interesting part of all of Young-Deok Seo sculptures are realistic body forms, perfect body’s made from metal chains. But yet they are full of emotions, messages for all of us. Also the interesting thing about the sculptures is an approach to the creation, every piece of chain links is welded separately. And by Young-Deaok Seo that is the most important part, and for that is needed love and patience. For complete body, he need six months to finish sculpture.

[youtube id=”0b4F0UsuvO4″ width=”720″ height=”480″ position=”center”]