Toddler approved: These are the best easels for your little artist!

When it comes to a point that your kid’s paintings are starting to pop out in strange places, it’s time to think to find best easel for toddler or your walls will become your little artist canvases. Kids are born artist, and they will use every chance to create the little masterpiece.

They will use walls, floors, doors, but also even a kids art easel if you give one to them. And that is a good way to encourage them to draw and paint more.

Drawing and painting are a crucial part of children’s development, especially for little toddlers. This is part of kids’ life where everything’s is an experiment, and the child is acting like that. Discovering of shapes and lines to children is a joyful experience, and for their brains is superpower training.

And the best part is that art is developing many skills, like focus and concentration. They also learn to express themselves and develops creativity. Also hand-eye coordination, which with practice can become a skill of perfection.

Because that this is the moment where you must choose wisely, you must take a few important factors into consideration. If you choose wrong, then best easel for a toddler can quickly become worst easel for a toddler.

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What is important when you search the best easel for toddler

Most important is size overall, you must consider how wide it is and height. It is important to select an easel that covers a long range of height or adjustable-height easel so your kid can create masterpieces during a big part of their childhood. And of course, wide enough. Because you probably wish to give your child enough space to express themselves, so make sure to have enough room on that easel.

Art Easel For Kids Needs To Have Add-ons

The second thing is that everything is close to the little artist, so it is crucial that you have trays for crayons, pencils, brushes and other necessary tools for artistic creation. And that is a perfect place for storing all art supplies in one place, and kids will learn to be tidy.

Some children easels are having crayon board, dry-erase board, magnetic panels and possibility option of pulling a paper over each side of the easels. And that is the best part because you can take and hang that masterpiece, maybe on the fridge, and with this you will show your kids that this is important to you.

Or you can frame it and hang it on the wall, and you will have unique artwork from the best artist in the world.

Top three easels for toddlers

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Best easel for toddlerFirst one I put on the list is 2-sided easel from Melissa & Doug which is designed for kids ages three and up and is covering three different approaches for your little artists. They have the option of painting on paper, drawing with chalk on the chalkboard and also on dry-erase board.

Both panels are height adjustable in three different heights, on a stationary frame. You can move groups of boards quickly by moving to desired height just by releasing four large plastic knobs on the frame for each board, and for that, you don’t need any special tool.


The frame is made from solid wood, and it is very durable. Assembly is very easy and fast to do, and in no time you have ready to use an easel. You will need Allen wrench for proper assembly and around 15 minutes of your time. With easel, you will receive instructions for easier assembly, and you can even find pdf online on the site of Melissa and Doug.

Height level of easel

By manufacturer for lowest height typical age range is 3-4 years old, or less than 40 inches. On the middle height level, average age range would be from 5-6 years old, or in inches that would be between 40 and 48 inches. And heights level is of course for bigger kids, and recommended age is from 7 years and up, and height 48 inches and up.


This easel is also excellent if you are limited with space because easel can fold flat, and takes minimum storage place.

All you have to do is unscrew two crossbars that are holding easel, and it is ready to close. Crossbars are also fastened with large plastic knobs, for easy and fast loosening and tightening.

Paper roll

The paper roll is set between the legs with locking paper roll holder, and it can be quickly pulled on the dry board side of an easel and be cut with child-safe paper cutter. Pulling is lead by the paper guide so that it can be entirely pulled out even by a little artist. Unfortunately, paper is not included in this set; you must buy one or more separately.


There are two pieces of plastic trays for each side of the easel; one is blue and one red. And they are designed for each side of the easel, one for the chalkboard and other dry-erase board. Unique to chalkboard tray is that it’s with a flat bottom, designed to have everything in one place, without any particular sections.

On the other side is a different story, you get a tray designed for holding four cups for water. And have the place for holding brushes and colors, and this is ideal for your toddler watercolor projects.

The best thing is that this is a two-sided board, and that means that two toddlers can use the easel and create masterpieces together! Disadvantages are that these panels are not magnetic, so you better consider to check THIS ONE if you wish to have also this option.

Four easy-clip grips for holding the paper that is included are adjusted especially for kids, and they will have no problem of pressing them and removing.


Chalkboard and dry-erase board are made so you can quickly clean them, and you can even remove big plastic trays during cleaning for better results. Plastic trays you can wash under the water, and for boards is strongly recommended to use only the washable mediums, like watercolors. All together it’s very simple to maintain easel clean from colors and others mediums


  • [alert-success]Fair price[/alert-success]
  • [alert-success]Easy assembling[/alert-success]
  • [alert-success]Adjustable heights of boards[/alert-success]


  • [alert-warning]There are no magnetic boards on this art easel, so it is better to choose another if this is important to you, you should consider checking this one.[/alert-warning]

Product technical details

Size: 27 x 26 x 47 inches

Size of the chalkboard and dry erase board: (H) 23 1/8th ” x (W) 23 1/2″

Material: Solid wood

Manufacturer recommended age: From 3 years and up

Boards: One side chalkboard other side dry erase board

Trays: Plastic


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is the better choices for your little toddler, will all the add-ons is the winner overall. Easy assembling and dissembling are perfect for small spaces, so you can always have free space in your kid’s room.


Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters

Best easel for toddlerEasel for two is designed for two kids from age 3 and up, and it is equipped with two boards. One board is a chalkboard for using all kind of chalks and adhesion is perfect, and on the other side is little better equipped. It is a dry-erase board but also magnetic surface, and that is the fun part for kids.

Because they can use magnetic foam letters, numbers, and signs and sharpen their skills in reading and writing.  We also like that these pieces are made from foam, not plastic because they are easier to handle and put on the board. We recommend that you buy extra two sets of letters and numbers, because soon your kid will overgrow the basic set, and then they will probably wish to create more complex words and numbers.

Paper clips on each side on the top of boards are a great add-on, and they can easily be the push for clipping a paper. With Step2 easel for two, your kids will have an engaging toy, which will promote learning to them the fun way.

Every artist love to have all art tools close to fast choosing and applying and kids are not different because many time art is the just inspiration that comes in a flash. And designer’s in Step2 probably knows that, because this easel is equipped with deep trays for keeping chalk, pencils, markers, brushes, and erasers on each side of a board. They are reachable in every moment for inspirational artworks.

Assembling and storage

Assembling for this easel is not necessary; it’s comes assembled already. All you have to do is check screws if they are enough to tighten, and it is ready to use. The frame of the easel is of durable plastic, and it is quite sturdy and remains sturdy.

You can without fear lifts it and move it around, from window to window. You won’t catch some natural light or whatever you like, and it will not loose. And on the end of the day, you can easily close an easel and store it under the bed or in the closet.

This easel doesn’t have heights adjustments like Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel, and this is a little disadvantage for this toy. But many happy buyers are saying this is still an excellent choice for your little artist, the design of easel is made in the way that kids from age three to eight will have no problem to use it.

Smaller kids will have no problem of reaching a top of boards, and higher kids will maybe need to use a little chair to adjust their height to a board.


The easel is made of durable plastic, and it is completely washable. Which is a big advantage, because you are able to maintain the shiny new look.

Technical details

Size: 5.2 x 23.2 x 45 inches

Material: durable plastic

Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up

Kidkraft Deluxe Wood Easel

Kidkraft is known as a recognizable brand over 40 years, specialized in wooden furniture for kids and also wooden toys. Toys which are interactive and educational, but also very fun to toddlers. Furniture which is modern and durable, with top quality!

And this wooden easel for kids is one of their top products in their big production line. Perfect finished work and sturdy wood!

The advantage from the previous two easels is natural materials used for production; there are no plastic parts on this easel except the chalkboard which is plastic. And also easel comes in three different colors, so you and your toddlers can pick the color that suits you the best.

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Best easel for toddlerI have mentioned before that easel is built from solid wood, and the same is with trays.  Handmade and hand painted gives an extra bonus to quality. They come with two holes for two cups for preventing from spilling, and cups comes with an easel.

They are perfect for keeping pencils and chalk in one place, and other toddlers important stuff. And as the bonus on the lower part of the easel is one more big shelf. Perfect for storing finished artworks, and keeping larger supplies of colors close to the little artist.

best easel for toddler

Large shelf is big enough to keep all colors, easily chalk and finished artworks of little artists. Fixed with four screws, which is easy to remove when you wish to storage an easel.


  • [alert-success]Three different colors to choose[/alert-success]
  • [alert-success]Easy assembling[/alert-success]
  • [alert-success]Adjustable heights of boards[/alert-success]


  • [alert-warning]Compared to others the price is bigger, but that is compensated with excellent finishing work[/alert-warning]

Conclusion: From all mentioned easels this one is my favorite, and the reason is sturdy natural look and durability. This is easel that can be in your family for a generation.  Something that will be part of your children’s happy days memory, and possible grandchildren’s.


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