Sabrina Rupprecht: Art that’ll make you look twice

Tart of the day artist Sabrinahe first thing you will notice about Sabrina’s art is positive energy, something that just pull you in. She is probably under the influence of South Africa, and then she transfers the energy of old continent to her artworks.

Almost all of her drawings are bright and vivid, drawn with a unique style. By the gallery on her website, you can easily recognize the unique style that she developed.
Her passion has also been recognized in Europe and South Africa, and awards that she won are proof for that.

The interesting about Sabrina art journey is that she started as a fashion designer, and ended like a full-time artist. She followed her dream and left ordinary for something she loved. Even without art education, she gives it a try. And succeeded!
For creating artworks, Sabrina is using a lot of different art mediums like colored pencils, pastels, acrylic colors.

Do you know that all professional artists like Sabrina use the best art supplies, and only because they can go few steps above with their art skills. The same thing is with Sabrina, and she uses only the best available materials. And that is especially important if you have commissions because your first and the only option is to have a satisfied client. And the second reason is that YOU must enjoy, and when you have right art tools pleasure is guaranteed.

Sabrina Rupprecht is active on social networks, and she also owns a website. If you like to know more about her, the best place is jumping on There you will find her bio and also excellent high-quality portfolio.
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