Artist Of The Day – Erica Wexler

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Surrealism artists Erica Wexler is one of those that will mix everything, and you will get artwork that will bring out your emotions.
It will draw you in, and you will be in her Universum. It is like she is showing us all those hidden parts of the Universum,

parts that we all know are there, but we can’t see them.

So what we can say about wonderful artist Erica Wexler from California?

By the bio on Deviantart, she is the one that nurtures her passion from the first day, you know what I mean.

On that day you pick a pencil, and you don’t stop.

Are you the same?

She is also a music lover, and I’m somehow sure she listens to music during painting.

She has a pretty good taste for music, between Erica’s favorite are Depeche Mode, Lana Del Ray, Morgan Page, Tears for Fears and Ellie Goulding.
Erica is a big nature lover, and probably most of her inspirations are coming from that love.
She loves ocean, nature and running in that nature. I see the big connection with nature here, and that is reflected in her paintings.
Where you can find Erica Wexler art?


The rest of talking I will leave to Erica Wexler paintings, I hope you will find your piece of Universum in her artwork. And I will start with this beautiful painting, the one which gives me thinking how we are coming from same Universum and returning back. We are all on the same path.

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