ART EASEL FOR KIDS: Boost Creativity Of Your Kids

Why Should You Get Art Easel For Kids?

Art easel for kids is not just a great toy; it’s an amazing art tool for improving kid’s skills. Encouraging your child to express their imagination and nurture their talent by creating little masterpieces is a great way to build your child’s self-esteem. An art easel for kids is one of the best toys you can give your child.

Benefits of painting on vertical surfaces for kids

The benefits of vertical painting are many. Firstly, it engages children and provides them with instant feedback, motivating them to continue painting. Secondly, it creates a sense of anticipation. Thirdly, it teaches kids patience as they wait for the paint to dry before finishing their paintings. Finally, vertical painting offers kids the opportunity to be creative and use different techniques like dripping paint or layering colors.

Painting on vertical surfaces is a great way to engage with kids so that they can see their work in progress and make corrections before the paint dries.

Easel For Kids – Most important benefit your kid has from an easel

Kids will improve eye-hand coordination

If you have a toddler then one of the first skills that they are using is eye-hand coordination, which is a skill that directly connects with a world they explore. For example, they have to explore every angle of toys and also touch them.
That is all part of eye-hand coordination. Painting or drawing can improve kids’ eye-hand coordination, especially if they use a vertical surface. Like walls, windows, or the best solution is an art easel for kids.

Why is better to use the vertical surface for eye-hand coordination?  

The natural way of looking at the painting is horizontal to the object you paint and also to the surface where you paint, the reason is perspective. If you paint flat on the table you’re or your kid’s point of view is under the angle, and with this angle, your drawing or painting is on the end distorted. To avoid distortion, should you use a vertical surface like a painting easel and that way you learn to nurse correctly your eye-hand coordination.

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Visual-Spatial Intelligence

This skill knows that it developed by learning and also thinking in pictures. Persons emphasizing this kind of intelligence are known by remembering better faces, they love to explain with drawing or sketching.

A high level of visual-spatial intelligence is found among pilots, drivers, artists, and people that play chess. Probably you have one or more friends who love to explain with drawings, I’m doing this all the time.
Kids that have visual-spatial intelligence can better imagine scenes in three dimensions, and manage in space. They solve visual puzzles easily and also remember patterns.
To improve it even better it is recommended to paint, draw, doodle, make collage drawings. Everything that is connected with visual stimulations is improving visual-spatial intelligence.

Children who are born with visual and spatial intelligence have the potential to become great architects, engineers, or mathematicians.
This type of intelligence is often considered a high-level one that is not very common in children. Parents should take advantage of these skills because they have the ability to help their children excel academically and can provide them with a career path as well.
A person who has this type of intelligence should be encouraged to explore their creativity by using their imagination and playing games that require this skill set.

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Spatial visualization ability  

Self-esteem shield for the life

A kid without self-confidence will have more problems solving problems, than a kid who has developed self-confidence. To build self-confidence in a child big part have parents, you must encourage and praise kid actions.

Painting or drawing on the easel is an activity that needs kids to be dedicated and to have final results. If they use a lot of colors praise them for how they mix the colors or hang that painting on the wall.

That way you are telling your kid how proud you are, and that they did a great job.

Self-confident kids are very creative, and they better express their unique style.

Motor Development

Motor development starts prenatal, it is created by big and complex networking in the brain. And this network can develop structures during the first eight years. It is important for daily tasks, like picking or writing.

All of those activities are part of motor skills, and they must be practiced and developed. With playing those skills are developed naturally, but you can boost this skill even more with painting or drawing.

You can play dot to dot on the easel or use tracing paper to follow the lines. Even the simple painting with brushes includes fine motor skills because movement from color pallet to canvas is a motor skill. 

Without an easel, kids will use other places to express themselves, especially if they have artistic nature. If you see that your kids are little artistic souls, then don’t hold them back. If they use a wall for drawing, don’t be mad. Your kid is telling you something, and you must listen. Praise them, give them even more space to express themselves.

If you show no interest in their art they will lose their passion, you should encourage them. The right way would be to get the paints and brushes and one art easel for kids, that will be the best boost for your kid.

The advantages of drawing and paintings are enormous, and they can only benefit from this investment. Not investment in art supplies and an easel, but investment in the creation of an amazing talented child.

Studies show that access to artistic activities not only encourages a child’s imagination and creativity but also helps them do better in school. What better way to encourage your budding artist than to purchase an easel for kids?

Types of Art Easels for Kids

When you’re deciding on the best easel for your kids, there are many options. Wooden, plastic, and metal designs are all readily available to choose from. The various types provide a wide array of benefits so picking the right one is often difficult. One thing they all have in common is that they offer fun for kids.

Many children’s easels are today a combination of different types of boards so you can get even four in one. For instance, you can get a double-sided easel with the chalkboard on one side, whiteboard on which is also a magnetic board.

And an option to pull the paper over the board, so you have their third option to work on a magnetic board with letters and numbers. And the last is pulling the paper over the whiteboard, and you get the painting surface.

You can use pencils, colored pencils, watercolors or acrylic on paper, or some other mediums. It is all good as long as your kid is having fun.

Art Easel for Kids Have Age Range

Not all art easels for kids are good for every kid, you should check before getting for the age range of that easel. What that means, you could easily buy an easel for 2 years old but you have a kid that is in the range of 3 to 4 years. Also, some easel doesn’t have the option to adjust the height, make sure the check all option you get with an easel.

Luckily there’s is plenty of art easel for kids that are adjustable by height, and they are suitable for age from 2 years old to even six years. Actually, they are “growing” with your kids, you can set up height to match your kid.

Maybe that sounds like it is not a big deal, but actually, it is not comfortable to paint on a smaller easel. And it is the same for toddlers, if you get them oversized art easel then some part of the board they will not reach.


Table-Top Easel

Tabletop easels are perfect for young artists who are just starting to paint. These are normally the most inexpensive type of easel and are made from lightweight materials.

Standard easels can be as low as $30 and as high as $150, depending on the quality of materials and features that the easel includes. Tabletop easels can be used to hold canvases, photos, books, or other items that you may be working on.

Tabletop Easel provides an affordable and convenient way to create a space for your art. It attaches to any table or desk, and you can use it in small spaces.

The Tabletop Easel is a great way to have a portable easel for painting while on the go.

  • It is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to transport
  • The easel is adjustable to suit kids’ needs, making it comfortable to use.
  • The easel can be adjusted to be set up at any angle, such as a vertical or horizontal position.
  • This art easel folds down to a compact size that is perfect for storage.

There are two shapes of tabletop easels – one-sided and two-sided. The double-sided version is obviously twice as fun because kids can paint together.

It is also a great choice for kids in a wheelchair, they will have normal access to the board and they can have all art supplies on the table they use for the base.


Double-Sided Art Easel for Kids

The Double-Sided Art Easel is the most popular among little artists. This easel has everything an aspiring artist needs to create beautiful works of art. Different types of boards that are included with the easel enable children to paint or draw anything they can imagine. Many double-sided easels fold up for easy storage and transport.

A double-sided art easel is a perfect choice if you have more than one kid, they just must make a deal who will be on which side.


Three Side Art Easel for Kids

We can call this ultimate art easel for kids, imagine three boards for kids! Here we talk about a group of little artists in one place, sharing their skills. A triple-sided art easel is a great choice for preschoolers in preschool or kids in kindergarten.

It’s even a great solution for home use if you have extra space. The triangular frame ensures a sturdy easel and gives instant access to three different types of boards. This is definitely a great choice for kid art groups, or for families with more artistic kids.


Wall Easel for Kids

Wall easels for kids are a great space saver, all you need is an empty wall to mount it. No need for storing, because once you set up the position of an easel it stays there. This type of easel is often found in art classrooms, mostly due to the lack of space.

The design of wall easels is very interesting and they aim for functionality, often they have a shelf for art supplies. And roll over a paper, like double-sided easels. What I d0nt like about wall easels is that they are not adjustable, the thing is that kids are growing or you have a different age of kids. The height of an easel in one moment will not be good for some little artist, you should avoid this.

The second thing that I don’t like is the wall itself, yes it is a great big space and we would like to use it. But the thing is that you don’t have enough natural light on the wall, especially when kids come closer to the easel to paint or draw. They will naturally create a shadow on the easel, and block even more light.

The solution would be to get daylight wall light and install it on the easel, this way your kids will have a clear view of the artwork they create.


Kids Art Table

I’m aware that this article is about children’s easels, but for some kids, easels will not work. They will prefer more options, which you get with kids art table.

Some kids have an aversion to painting or drawing on vertical surfaces – it can be hard for them to get the right perspective. So luckily there’s a product that might satisfy their desire for freedom during creative processes: children’s art tables.

These come with all the functionality of an adult desk (chairs, storage space, etc) but with the fun coloring of a play table (and often real chalkboards).

 Types of Boards on Art Easel For Kids


Chalkboards are the most popular for the toddler from 2-3 years, the reason is simplicity. Chalks are easy to use,  and they come in many colors. You don’t have to worry about how to clean a little art studio, the vacuum cleaner will do the job. And a sponge for a clean board.

Chalks are nontoxic, but they can cause some problems to kiddos that have problems with respiratory systems. The solution for those kids is dustless chalks, it’s the best solution for kids with breathing problems.

There are a couple of nice double easels that have a chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase board on the other side. Most of these are standing easels, rather than table-top models. A popular chalkboard easel is the Beck Children’s Wooden Pencil Art easel, which has a chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase board on the other.


Whiteboard also knows as a dry erase board, is very popular for instance among Youtube doodlers. And of course among children, because you can have so much fun with dry-erase markers. The advantage is that with a whiteboard easel you don’t have a dust problem, and lines are visually stronger and colors are more vivid.

Often whiteboard is made from metal, and they are used for magnetic letters and numbers. There are also available different magnetic plastic shapes, so kids can turn to the creative side even with this option.

Drawing supplies include pencils, erasers, a pencil sharpener, and sketch paper. These items are necessary for sketching before painting.

What is the Best Way to Help Kids Expand Their Horizons Artistically?

To provide them with different materials to work with and to get them to experiment with techniques.

The following is a general guideline for the age of the child and the appropriate art supplies for them to use at that age:

– Toddlers 18 months-5 years: colored pencils, finger paints, drawing pads with crayons

– Young children 5-9 years: crayons, markers, paintbrushes, drawing pads with crayons and markers

– Older children 9-12 years: paint brushes, paint, paper, drawing pads

  1. Must Have Painting Supplies

Some beginners painters may not know what to buy for supplies, but they need to buy these from the very beginning. Brushes, paint, and canvases are all necessary to create art.

2. Must Have Drawing Supplies

Drawing supplies include pencils, erasers, a pencil sharpener, and sketch paper. These items are necessary for sketching before painting.


Stability of an easel is important, so there are a few important factors to consider. If an easel is not stable it can easily fall down and hurt your kids, so make sure to check for stability issues.

And also it can be annoying for your kids if easel is swinging around, easel must be sturdy. By construction kids, art easel is not too high and they are enough stable to give full safety, but you should avoid art easels without crossbars.

I would never give this kind of easel to my kid because it is not safe and sturdy enough. Stability comes with how the easel is built, if is it higher it is important that easel have additional crossbars for extra stability.

Before use, you should always check that all screws a tight at a place, some of the wooden art easel for kids are very heavy. I don’t want to imagine what can happen if that heavy wooden easel falls down on a child. Also never let the child fold or unfold an easel, it is a dangerous task. I know that all of the kids think they are big enough but, but they are not.

Also you should consider that there are a lot of small parts that can cause choking, so take care of this.

Final words

Emotions are what we remember the most, good and bad ones. So make sure that your kids have a lot of good emotions to remember, something to tell about it. Maybe if you get the best art easel for kids that same easel will be passed to the future generation, something to talk about. Just imagine, and give those emotions and memories to your child.   Return to Homepage