Amazing Drawings With Graphite Pencil 

All that you will see here are definitely amazing drawings in pencil, drawn by the talented artists from all around the world. One in common thing among all of those artists is passion, they had made to this point by passion. Some of them are born with the talent to draw, but all of them had a passion for using this talent and sharpening this talent.

Even after fails and disappointments they continue, with a passion that give them persistence. And today they are creating amazing drawings in pencil, and they are inspiration and motivation for all young artists.

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Franco Clun and his amazing drawings in pencil

If you have talent, only you can take it to the maximum potential. Just believe in yourself, work hard and you shall achieve greatness. – Franco Clun

First on the list with his amazing drawings is Franco Clun, the Italian self-taught artist. An artist that become one of most famous pencil artist, and he did all that without art education. Franco says that all education he has is from reading few drawing manuals and many hours of experience.

For one portrait artwork A4 size, he spends around 30 hours. And this is normal working time for all of his artworks, but some artworks he uses even to 50 hours. Patience in the progress of drawing is most important, a factor which gives best results.

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Art supplies used by Franco Clun


Image credits: Franco Clun

Amazing drawings in pencil by Aleksandar Ilic

20 years old artist from Serbia is a rock star among art lovers, and he did that by amazingly realistic portraits. He is drawing portraits of famous celebs, and until today he manage to become recognizable artist among art lovers.

What is so special about him, and his artworks?

Well, that si something that images tell better than words, and gallery bellow is showing that. Another great success is that those famous persons that he draw have liked those drawings.

Among them, is Shakira, Pink, Alexander House, Alyssa Milano and many others. An interesting fact is that Aleksandar is us that in this art patience is crucial, he spend around 30 hours for A4 size drawing. And for a drawing of Shakira portrait drawing he spend more than 150 hours, and result is realist portrait.

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Art supplies used by Aleksandar Ilic

Amazing pencil in drawings by Lukas Valerio

Lukas Valerio is another great artist that brings portrait drawings to the top level, but not many people know about this talented artist. Maybe we could help him by sharing this post, and spreading the word. His amazing drawings are really motivating because he came to this level in very short time.

Check his Facebook account, and you will notice progress that he made in only a few years. Truly inspiring!

Art supplies used by Lukas Valerio

Image credit: Lukas Valério