Amazing Drawing Starts With One Line And Ends…

World famous painting of the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is painted by Dutch painter  Johannes Vermeer, with oil colors on canvas. And now imagine that someone challenges you to create an amazing drawing of this masterpiece, you maybe would say. OK, I can do it. But wait there are few terms, you can’t use colors, and you can’t lift a hand from paper, and you can use only one marker. Wow, that’s a lot of terms! That I call an impossible challenge, and probably I would give up on this challenge!

But that same challenge Chan Hwee Chong accepted and he started to draw a spiral on paper, and the best thing he is not lifting a hand and he is doing everything in one line stroke. Chan just continue to draw a line in a spiral and only changes he makes is pressure on the paper, and the final result is the amazing drawing of the “Girl with Pearl Earring”.

Don’t you trust me? Well then dear friend watch the video and see for yourself, I’m sure now that nothing is impossible in art. Only limitations are ourselves, we just must conquer our boundaries and see that there is much more behind those boundaries. The video was made for Faber Castell color markers, to show quality and durability. And I’m sure that in this short but stunning video they convinced many people that they have top quality products, and now I must get set of those markers. Do you use any of Faber Castell markers?

I hope you are now motivated to create something amazing. Or you have already done, then you could share that with us by tagging us on Instagram @inspirationalartzone and maybe you will get a chance to be featured on our website.

Stay creative dear friends, and don’t give up on your dreams!



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