About Us

Inspirational Art Zone is established for inspiring and motivating artists all around the world, our mission is to push you to pick up those art tools and create. To make you not to give up from art, and that your drawings, paintings, sculptures become the part of a beautiful side of this world.

To help you in that we will dig best art classes online for learning how to draw, paint or to create sculptures and all other ways of art that artists create today. Interviews with experienced artists, that will share their tricks and tips. Great video tutorials, also created by amazing artists. Step by step painting and drawing video tutorials created by professionals, so you can advance with your own pace.

We will try to find the best supplies deal for you so that every artist can afford best art supplies. All of that we will do just to keep you motived, so that you never give up.

Share you art

If you wish to share your art with us, we will gladly review your art and make with you an interview. It is all about inspiration if you think that you can inspire someone, then please contact us on our e-mail.

Write for us

If you wish to write for us, share some tutorial on “how to” related to art we are also open for cooperation.  Or you simply wish to write about art and artists, then you are ready to go. Please use the contact form for more info, and we will answer you shortly.



Inspirational Art Zone Team