Ballpoint Pen Artists Worth to Follow on Instagram

Today we are in quest of listing amazing ballpoint drawing artists which are been chosen very carefully. Some of them are famous on Instagram, and probably there are no needs to mention them. But they are good and because of that, they will be on the list.

Others will not be that famous but will blow your mind with their ballpoint pen artworks.

We are not aiming to share only “famous” artists, we aim to share great art! And that comes often from the hidden side of the art world, the world which is undiscovered.

We love to scroll down in those areas!

Also, we have one request. If you believe that you need a boost please feel free to contact us.

Please send us a message on Instagram, and we will review your art for a possible feature.

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Ballpoint art is a very modern way of drawing with only a ballpoint pencil.

The drawing technique with a ballpoint pen doesn’t allow mistakes, and because of that, it’s very challenging to create one.


Gabriel Vinícius

Gabriel Vinícius is known on Instagram as @gabrielvdesenho currently is one of the most popular ballpoint artists. He is known by his artworks which transfer a lot of emotions. His style is very raw and that gives an extra artistic look, which is pleasant to a viewer. From his line strokes, you can learn how to do crosshatch, because everything is visible even for an unexpired artist.

ballpoint pen artist Gabriel Vinícius

Credit by Gabriel Vinícius

Enrique Couceiro Martí

If you aim to become a great ballpoint pen artist, this is the level you wish to achieve.

Enrique Couceiro Martí is a passioned artist and I don’t know how but has just too little followers. Hidden gem of Instagram.

You can find him under on Instagram

ballpoint pen artist Enrique Couceiro Martí

Credit by Enrique Couceiro Martí

Mostafa Khodeir

Mostafa is the top of the talented artists who use the ballpoint pen technique for drawing. I’m sure if you follow #art hashtags on Instagram you have to stumble on his artworks.

He is in drawing from childhood but actively begun after secondary school. You can find him on Instagram under the @mostafa.khodeir and also has a YouTube channel which is very interesting to check out.

ballpoint pen artist mostafa khodeir

Credit by Mostafa Khodeir

Eva Garrido

And now sugar, beautiful artist Eva Garrido is on Instagram as @evagarrido

What is so special about her and her art?

Absolutely everything!

Her artworks are done with an accent to tiniest details, to her eyes nothing can be undone. Her latest drawing of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has become viral instantly, and it is one more shareable drawings on Instagram.

With Eva there are always surprises, when you think you have seen all then she draw something even better.

You can find her also on Facebook

ballpoint pen artist Eva Garrido

Credit by Eva Garrido

Zita Végh

Next on our list is not less important than others, actually, she is a girl that deserves your attention totally!


She is in the rank of top artists but her followers are not a too big crowd, she is an undiscovered diamond and I’m ready to help her to reach your hearts!

From the artists listed up, she is different in the approach to the drawings, she is using colored pens! And the effects are stunning!

Her drawings look they are done with colored pencils, but actually, they are done with colored pens! This is extremely challenging and I know that only super talented people can do that. Zita is one of the super-talented people, so give her some love.

Find her on Instagram as @veghzita and also you can reach her on Facebook

ballpoint pen artists Zita Vegh @veghzita

Credit by Zita Végh

Flo Beierlein

Flo is an artist from Germany and his style is very unique when it comes to drawing with pens if you in art you will recognize his art very easily. Flo’s main subjects are drawing of people portraits and animals, and they are done with powerful strokes!

You can reach Flo on his Facebook page , also on Instagram you will find under @naehrstff and for more info about this amazing artist you can visit his website https:\\

ballpoint pen artist Flo Beierlein

Credit by Flo Beierlein

Sonia Davel

Sonia is a young artist from Argentina, and her passion is drawing with a ballpoint pen, pencils, and oils. But for me, her drawings with ballpoint pencils are the best! She is mainly in portraits, and every piece she creates has a unique touch.

We have picked a few of her best artworks, just to show you what kind of talent Sonia has.

On Instagram, you can find her under @soniadavel and she has also a great Facebook page. So make sure you check her page on FB!

ballpoint pen artist sonia davel

Hannah Luen

Hannah is a hobbyist in drawing but she is doing it like a pro. There is not much to say about her artworks, because they speak for themselves. Full of details with perfect emotions

Hannah can be found on Instagram as @hannah_luen  so give her some love with following, she totally deserved it!

Ballpoint pen artist Hannah germany luen

Credit by Hannah Luen

Matteo Felloni

By now you can see that all of the artists are extraordinary, and we are going in this direction with Matteo also. Matteo is coming from Bologna, Italy and he has an amazing gallery on Instagram under @matteofelloni so make sure you check him also. He is using multicolor pens, and that is something that gives a special touch to drawings.

ballpoint pen artist mateo felloni

Credit by Matteo Felloni

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