5 Colored Pencils Artists For Your Inspiration

Colored pencils artists today are not rare, the crowd is bigger than ever. But some of those artists are jumping out from that crowd, by amazing inspirational drawings they create.

We will try to filter out the most popular color pencils artists by value to us, the viewers that can enjoy their masterpieces.
And also as an inspiration to those who a starting out with colored pencils, and searching for little motivation.

Also, you must realize that artists use professional art supplies, from colored pencils to the paper, solvents. And those art supplies are the reason why many beginners are frustrated because they can’t get to the level of artists they admire.

So if you are starting out with colored pencils, and you picked some good brand like Prismacolor or Faber Castell pencils be aware of what kind of paper you choose.
You will need to explore. Maybe you have the best-colored pencils in your hands, but you must also have good paper. Explore what professional artist uses, they mostly have a blog or social accounts. And there the answer to many questions, and very big chances are they speak about art supplies too.

Good drawing paper is the foundation of every drawing or painting, so don’t expect miracles if you draw on print paper.

So get a few types of quality paper and test, find what suits you. That is something that you must do, don’t skip this step. All of the artist’s bellows has been here, and there is no skipping.

Let’s come back now to our color pencils artists, the ones who have become a real artist. The artists who inspire other artists!
You will notice that we explored the art supplies they use, to be for you a little guideline.

With carefully watching you will see the difference among drawing papers, blending solvents something that you must not ignore. You will notice that some of them are smooth texture, others rough.


List Of Colored Pencils Artists

1. M O R G A N   D A V I D S O N


Morgan is a queen of colored pencil artists, and she deserves a first place on our list of colored pencils artist.

With a big passion for art from a young age, she has sharpened her creativity to awesomeness. Her vibrant style of expressing pop outs, and gives unique visual experience for a viewer. She was featured in the many online art magazines, art galleries. Also, Morgan is an owner of many rewards, that she totally deserves it.


The great thing is that you can find her online, she is very active on Instagram and Facebook.
Also, you can follow her on Tumblr which is also regularly updated with new artworks. And don’t miss her awesome tutorials, with greats tips and tricks. You can learn a lot from her, all of her drawing tutorials are super detailed and easy to follow.

Morgan Davidson  Art Supplies


2. M A R A T  U T A M U R A T O V


Every Queen needs a King, and Marat Utamuratov is King of colored pencil drawings. His artworks instantly become viral artworks, shared among art lovers.

He is also an artist with a passion for 3D drawing illusion, and most of them look so realistic that it is hard to recognize an illusion. Luckily Marat has and Youtube channel, but he only uploaded two videos. We hope that we will see more drawing action from Marat on YT.  You will have more luck to find videos on his Instagram, where is the most active. He also is a member of DeviantArt, great art community.

Luckily Marat has and Youtube channel, but he only uploaded two videos. We hope that we will see more drawing action from Marat on YT, to pick few trick and maybe to add to our skills. You will have more luck to find videos on his Instagram, where is he the most active. He also is a member of DeviantArt, great art community.


Marat Utamuratov Art Supplies


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Faber Castell Polychromos

The paper he is using is drafting paper, little unusual but that answer you will get if you ask him. Unfortunately, we don’t have more information.

Recommended paper is Strathmore Bristol 100 lb. paper


This is one of Murat most popular portrait drawing, which is today one of most shared drawing on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

3. E R E N  L A C I N



Let’s jump to the Ankara, Turkey to meet another great artist, Eren Lacin.
Eren Lacin drawings every each of one are masterpieces, and his skills are supernatural. The ability to observe and then to transfer on the paper will make you spin your head! You will hardly see if you are looking in a drawing or photography, he goes with his drawing so deep that I believe he touches the soul.

It is interesting to check his Instagram page from a first post; you will see his first drawings. And when you compare them to today colored pencil drawings you will see an incredible improvement.




Eren Lacin Art supllies

Faber-Castell colored pencils Canson paper

This drawing of eyes is proof of amazing drawing improvement by Eren and in only two years!


Don’t also forget to check him on Facebook and Instagram; maybe you hang on Facebook more than on Instagram. So it would be wise to subscribe to all of his social media accounts.

4. A D AM   B E T T L E Y

Adam is an action guy, and he loves to draw action characters from movies. But he is not limited to them only; he likes to experiment and when he experiments then mostly something amazing is created.

Like this drawing of a skull with purple crystals, drawing that is mega-popular among CP (colored pencils) community.

View this post on Instagram

💀💎 CRYSTAL SKULL 💎💀 Crystal skull finally finished! Prismacolour and Caran d'Ache Pencils on strathmore toned tan paper. PRINTS ON SALE NOW! 8×11" prints are available (LINK IN BIO*) with worldwide shipping available 🌍 Thanks again for the Reference image: @jackofthedust go check out some more of his awesome skull pieces on his IG and his website jackofthedust.com.au!! #drawing #skullart #skulls #draw #photooftheday #picoftheday #drawingoftheday #cre8hype #sketch #prismacolor #tonedtan #new #like4like #tagsforlikes #arts_mag #artsanity #instartpics #instadaily #instagood #proartists #artnerd2015 #photooftheday #sketchoftheday #worldofpencils #dibujo #instaart #skull #worldofartists

A post shared by Adam Bettley (@adbettley) on

There are a lot of colored pencils drawings of Harley Quinn, but this from Adam is my all time favourite!

5.H E A T H E R   R O O N E Y




Heather is another gem of colored artists, with totally amazing drawing skills. I know that there is plenty to say about Heather and her drawings, but her drawing will tell you more than I can. Her talent is known worldwide, and her big fan base is proof of that. With 696 000+ fans on Facebook, and 266 000+ followers on Instagram we can say she is a celebrity among art lovers.

View this post on Instagram

Just letting you guys know I won’t be finishing or making a video of this drawing of Conor McGregor. I made a pretty unfortunate mistake, I was planning on drawing more around Conor, so this is not finished, but for the composition to work I needed him facing to his right. Since he was facing to his left in the reference photo I was using, I flipped the image which caused his tattoo to also be flipped. So I drew his tattoo backwards. I thought it was turning out really well but as I was finishing him I realized that his tattoo was not correct, so it’s not an accurate representation of him. I will probably try drawing him again in the near future. This is a lesson learned not to reverse reference images without thinking! 😞

A post shared by Heather Rooney (@heather12ooney) on

She also shares regularly drawing videos of her art projects. Unfortunately, they are mostly timelapse. But, when you watch her drawings videos, it looks like magic is happening in front of your eyes, something that is not possible. But it is! With love and a lot of practice, you can become another Heather Rooney.

And don’t you ever give up on drawing, all of those artists were on the same level like you. But they didn’t give up, and because of that they are here today!



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